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Browse dozens of different bobble head body designs and make a custom head to go on top.
Your own bobble head with no design limitations from head to toe. A true bobble head replica.
The cake is personal, and now the cake topper is too. Make it look like the bride and groom.




Our Custom Bobbleheads & Caketoppers have more friends every day...!


Original Guitar Bobblehead for El Clubo

The making of a personalized bobblehead is usually a complex thing that needs time and expertise to create.  However we're always pleased when we see get great comments back from our clients telling how pleased they are with the result.  Last week we posted about how our personalized bobbleheads are suitable for pretty much any age from kids to parents or even their grandpas. To illustrate the point we posted two personalized bobbleheads of our standard guitar player which had been made for two completely different clients, one was a kid about 8 years old and the othe...

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Original Guitar Bobblehead for El Clubo
The bobblehead has been around for some time. However the personalized bobblehead is a cool novelty. These are also referred to as personalized figurines. Surprise friends and family with a truly personalized item that shows them doing what they like most. With bobbleheads about fun, romance and even sports, the options are endless. If our personalized bobblehead selection falls short, then design your own. This means your imagination is the limit. With a few clicks and some good photos, we’ll deliver to your door anywhere in the world.
Our custom made bobble heads will bail you out of trouble every time a special occasion is getting closer and you need a thoughtful gift. These figurines are the most personal item available today. Custom gifts are back and mass made presents are no longer an option. With a custom bobblehead, you can show your friends, family and colleagues just how well you know them and the things they like. The bobble heads from 3D Mini Me combine modern techniques and manual dexterity for a "one of a kind" creation.
Your wedding cake topper must show how unique your love story really is. No two wedding couples are alike and no two wedding cakes are the same. Yet traditional caketoppers are rarely customized. Stay away from little plastic standard figurines and go for a little caketopper that is fun yet tasteful. These personalized figurines are a great idea for your own wedding. If you’re the best man or maid of honor, these personalized cake toppers will surprise wedding couples and guests alike. Choose a model or design your own.
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